Saturday, October 25, 2008

ChristmasFable has been released!


Out with the old GUI in with the NEW

Lemme label the basics usages of the trainer

Left Panel

Quick Hacks
Gold and Exp Hack :
Set the gold and exp in a quest and leave, or you can lock it to do it continuously.

Quest Calculator :
Character info and quest info

Quick SWF Hack :
Constant Damage
Finish Quest
Change Stats
Change Mouth
Gold and Exp
Fill Health
Hide Player
Hit Enemy
Unload SWFs

All made by I__h4x and spooks

Miscellaneous (Temp) :

Name Hack
Race Hack
Gender Hack
Gold Hack
DC Hack
ID Hack

SWF Hacks
Admin Menu, Shop, Class, Quest, Merge Shop, Town, Unload

Each will open a list of IDs needed.

SWF Loader

Choose a folder that contains all of your SWF, double click to load and double click unloader to unload. Unlimited layers, press Unload All to unload all SWFs, refresh, delete, and download,

Right Panel

Contains CEF Flash Chat and DFU Chat.

Web Browser
Google Language search, quick links to DF Encyclopedias, basic functions.

Top Panel

SWF Changer
Change Movie and Base address, SWF Updater, Trainer Updater.

Advanced Hacks
Variable Hacks and DA Temp hack. Plus contact info.

Variable Tester/Setter
Check the check boxes to enable test or set variables, some known ones are listed for you. If a check box is checked, it will load the variable into the text box on click from the list.

DFC Mouse Macro
Provides basic macros that can gain you 20,000 Gold every 4-5 seconds. Basic controls include Loop, Loop times, Quality setup.

DF Server Switcher
Allows you to change servers if default becomes laggy. It also has a Server Tester that tests to see if a web is a real DF Server.

Trainer Customization
Background Changer :
Change your background, center, tile, stretch or zoom.

Background Color Changer :
Set color of the background.

Trainer Properties :
Turn on/off the fade effect, startup mode, border styles and a 1337 Button.

DFC Movie Player/DFC Music Player/DFC Mideo Player
Plays supported music and movie files suck as .mp3 and .divx

Main Form
Close All : Closes all windows related to DFC.
DA Hack : DA Hack on the hand.
Stat Hack : Stat Hack on the hand.
Delete BG : Deletes the background image if you got 1.
Quest Calc : Lets you see your character and quest info in a quest.
Current Server : Tells you which Server you are on.
Credits : Shows credits.
Minimize Button : Minimizes the form.
Close Button : Closes all the DFC related windows.

Downloads Below :
Loading... - - File Download

Easier to read, more hacks, better GUI

Friday, October 10, 2008

New DF Trainers!!!

This the newest version of Matrix DF, the old version is 2.5 but this is 5.0

Matrix DF v2.5 features:
-Town Loader
-Merge Shop Loader
-Shop Loader
-Quest Loader
-MP Hack
-Luck Hack
-Block Hack
-Dodge hack
-Parry Hack
-Class training(This is permanent)
-Back To The Trainer Loader

Matrix DF v5.0 features:
-Admin Menu (new!)
-ISI-Loader (new!)
-Town Loader
-Merge Shop Loader
-Shop Loader
-Quest Loader
-MP Hack
-Luck Hack
-Quest Gold Reward Hack (new!)
-Quest EXP Reward Hack (new!)
-Block Hack
-Dodge hack
-Parry Hack
-Class training(This is permanent)
-Defender's Medal Hack (new!)
-Dragon Amulet Hack (new!)
-Item Loads: halo helm and etc (new!)
-Alchemist Level Set(This is permanent)(new!)
-Clear SWF New Functions:
-On and off for Quest Hacks (new!)
-Back To The Trainer Loader
-Change Client SWF (new!)
-Load Your Own SWF (new!)

Matrix DF v2.5 Download link: (unknown or has been left forgotten)
Matrix DF v5.0 Download link: